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Winner of Second Place in the Georgia Tech Inventure Prize 2018




The first fully customizable analog effects pedal.

Currently, guitarists have to buy a new pedal every time they want a new effect, which means a lot of pedals and a lot of money.

Frustrated, we decided to change this.

PedalCreator's debut effects pedal, disruption, is here to change the way you play, without compromising quality.

How It Works

PedalCreator's modular cartridge system is game-changing, and we're proud of it. Our patent-pending, two cartridge system uses a tone cartridge and a distortion cartridge, which work together to create a unique distortion effect. 

Each new combination of cartridges creates a new effect, giving you the power to create your own sound.

This also means that disruption is the only distortion pedal you will ever need.


"Best Overall Idea to Prototype"

-Georgia Tech, Fall 2017


Why Analog?

Analog sound just sounds better. Ask any professional musician.

It's the same reason record players have a higher quality sound compared to CD players. Record players produce analog sound waves, which are almost identical to the original sound waves.

With PedalCreator's distortion pedal, you get the customization of a digital pedal, with the lossless sound qualities of an analog pedal.